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Preventive Medicine 2015

Registration is open for Preventive Medicine 2015 the premier educational opportunity for preventive medicine physicians and health professionals committed to disease prevention and health promotion. The meeting is schedule February 25-28, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

This year’s theme is “Imagining the Future to Enhance Prevention Today.”  This year’s annual meeting asks the question “How do we compel people to imagine future suffering and risk and act now, rather than later, to prevent such suffering?”  To help us answer this question, the planning committee has turned to other disciplines for lessons that can be applied to preventive medicine, such as marketers and marketing science to understand how people identify with actions or products; behavioral economists to understand factors motivating choices; risk communications experts to understand how people perceive risk and harm; experimental psychologists and normative sociologists to understand how decisions are made by individuals and by groups; and artists to understand how our emotions and feelings are linked to our decisions.

Our lineup of confirmed plenary lecturers convincingly reflects this theme, including our KBS Lecturer Don Kemper (Founder and CEO, Healthwise); Dr. Kevin Volpp (Director, Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics, Leonard Davis Institute), Dr. Ken Kizer, (Director of the Institute for Population Health Improvement, UC Davis Health System) and Dr. Melanie Joy (Professor of Psychology and Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Boston);

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For more information or to view the latest Preventive Medicine 2015 program, please visit the meetings website.