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Saint Louis to Host Annual Public Health Scholar Bowl

Saint Louis University is bringing the public health community together through its 6th annual Public Health Scholar Bowl competition on April 14th, 2018. The Public Health Scholar Bowl is the premier opportunity for the next generation of public health leaders from across the nation to connect with their peers, apply their knowledge, and compete in a quiz bowl challenge and case study presentation for a chance to win cash prizes. The competition provides an opportunity for public health students to enhance their education and strengthen their ability to work collaboratively with and among the communities they serve. In addition to the competition, the event also includes a social night for networking and speakers that address key public health issues.

The Scholar Bowl continues to grow and attract teams from many undergraduate public health programs. Dr. Thomas Cook, department chair and assistant professor of public health at Mercyhurst University, has stated, “All of our students who have participated have come home more enthusiastic about public health in general, including attending graduate school in public health thanks to the ability to tour SLU and network with faculty and students from other programs”.  Carly Scott, health science major at Truman State University and previous Scholar Bowl participant, feels the event has also provided an opportunity to develop professionally. “The Public Health Scholar Bowl provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with individuals of many different backgrounds and levels of expertise in the health sciences. The knowledge I gained through completing the case study with fellow classmates is irreplaceable and has been beneficial to my growth as a health professional.”

All undergraduate public health and other health related programs are encouraged to register and participate! Team registration can be found at PHSB Website. (https://www.slu.edu/public-health-social-justice/cphsj-news/2016/scholar_bowl.php)