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South Florida: One Health Codeathon – Host-Microbiome Interactions Registrations | Wednesday, February 26 – Friday, February 28

“One Health – Decoding the Dynamic System of Humans and Microbiomes”
We are going to build a set of innovative computational tools to integrate microbiota and human host data. We aim to treat the host-microbiome environment as a system to gain in-depth understandings of the data pattern and driving force of microbiome-host evolution. Data science methodologies, such as heterogeneous data integration, high-dimensional data visualization, and cross-validations, will be explored and implemented. We are looking for anyone with beginner to advance levels of experience in the field of genomics, microbiology, ecology, environmental sciences, human genetics, geo-data mapping, computational sciences or data sciences in general.
This event is sponsored by the USF Genomics Program and the Institute for the Advanced Study of Culture and the Environment, and is in collaboration with the USF Initiative on the Microbiome.