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UCLA to Host Conference to Explore Solutions to Homelessness

More than 57,000 people in Los Angeles County experience homelessness on any given night, according to the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count.

In order to better understand how to support people who find themselves without a home, faculty members from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health are joining colleagues from several other disciplines to explore the issue in an event taking place May 21-24.

The conference “UCLA & Homelessness: See. Study. Solve.” will cover several topics, including:

  • pathways into and out of homelessness
  • relationships between the housing market and homelessness
  • mobile phones as a platform for outreach and evaluation
  • challenges facing the unsheltered homeless
  • why adolescents and veterans are especially vulnerable to homelessness
  • aging of the homeless population

UCLA is hosting Professor Dennis Culhane, a homelessness scholar from the University of Pennsylvania who, according to event co-organizer Randall Kuhn, pioneered the use of management information systems to study homelessness. Culhane and Kuhn’s earlier research on patterns of chronic and transitional homelessness contributed to rise of permanent supportive housing programs as a strategy for addressing chronic homelessness.

The conference will close with a conversation about sustaining a campus-wide initiative that will include regular working groups, joint research and seed grants.

The UCLA Office of Interdisciplinary and Cross Campus Affairs has generously supported the event, which is co-sponsored by the California Center for Population Research and California Policy Lab. Faculty from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health will join colleagues from the Luskin School of Public Affairs, College of Letters and Science (Social Sciences and Physical Sciences Divisions) and David Geffen School of Medicine.

Learn more about the conference here.