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Washington’s Future of Occupational Health Symposium

The landscape that occupational health graduates face in the next five to 20 years will look dramatically different from the field in which professionals have worked since the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act passed in 1970.

An innovative project over the course of the 2014-2015 academic year in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the University of Washington School of Public Health has been investigating changes to the traditional paradigms of work to help set a future course for health and safety training, research, policy, and practice.

The project will culminate with an interactive June 24-25 symposium, bringing together thought leaders to reflect on the future of the field in practice, policy, research, and the education of practitioners, businesses, and workers.

In the highly interactive symposium, participants will develop an actionable agenda to address the changing needs of the field of occupational health.

Keynotes speakers include Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for
occupational safety and health and head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration; Dr. Linda Rae Murray, chief medical officer for the Cook County Department of Public Health; Dr. John Volckens, associate professor of environmental & radiological health sciences at Colorado State University; and Dr. Gerald Markowitz, distinguished professor of history at City University of New York.

For more information on the symposium, visit http://deohs.washington.edu/future/symposium