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Yale: Summer Course in Public Health Modeling, June 17-19

Modern public health research and practice can utilize models to better understand and manage dynamic processes –from optimal decision-making in healthcare delivery and design of clinical trials, to prediction and control of infectious disease outbreaks, to mitigating the effects of drug overdoses.  Modeling is the process of formalizing ideas about how a system works, learning about its dynamics, and making predictions about the future.

To better prepare the community of public health researchers and practitioners to meet the world’s most significant challenges in epidemiology and health policy, the Yale School of Public Health is offering this three-day residential course in Public Health Modeling. This course provides hands-on training in the study and management of systems and processes that impact the health of individuals and populations. Course instructors are Yale faculty experts in epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and health care operations, and public policy.

Intended audience: researchers, healthcare workers, public health officials, and policymakers interested in using modeling to solve challenges in public health, policy, and biomedical science. We welcome current graduate students, trainees, and professionals in any field.

Registration deadline is May 17. For costs, registration, and more information visit our website.