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FIU Professors Find Race, Sex, and Ethnicity Factor into Premature Death from HIV/AIDS

In a study aimed at characterizing premature mortality among people diagnosed with HIV by examining sex, race and ethnicity, professors Dr. Mary Jo Trepka and Dr. Kristopher Fennie of FIU Stempel College’s department of epidemiology have found that females and non-Hispanic Black people had disproportionately high rates of premature mortality from HIV/AIDS. This finding suggests the need for enhanced efforts to improve connections to care, retention in care, and medication adherence for these groups.

Their research found that among 41,565 people diagnosed with HIV infection during the study period:

According to Dr. Trepka, “Our findings show that overall, HIV-infected women and HIV-infected blacks are dying prematurely, which indicates that race and sex factor into access to care. But it also implies that by improving their access to and utilization of care, the occurrence of premature death could be reduced.”

Their findings are presented in a recently published paper, Sex and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Premature Mortality Due to HIV: Florida, 2000-2009.

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