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School & Program Updates

Florida International: Health Experts Convene to Discuss Prevention and Solutions at 2019 Global Health Conference

As part of the mission of the Florida International University Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social, the Global Health Consortium hosted the 2019 Global Health Conference, offering three days of cutting-edge workshops and plenary sessions themed around innovative topics and inspiring panelists and speakers. The aim of the conference was to present, analyze and discuss state-of-the art risk analysis and scientific progress on key issues of global health and the serious threats of emerging diseases.

“As global health professionals, we need to convene and discuss the issues that are facing underserved communities – that is the only way that we can begin to find solutions and improve health,” said Dr. Carlos Espinal, director of the Global Health Consortium at Stempel College. “We are endlessly grateful to all of the health leaders and researchers who attended this year’s Global Health Conference, together we can make a difference!”

The conference highlighted the importance of partnerships to resolve global health issues; that it takes public-private partnerships to move the needle and focus on strategies for intervention and prevention before the next outbreak.

“The 2019 Global Health Conference was an opportunity for health leaders from different fields and sectors to realize that by working together and sharing our experiences, we have the opportunity to change public and global health,” said Dr. Tomás R. Guilarte, dean of Stempel College. “Through the use of technology, community engagement and prevention and intervention programs, we can reach those who most need our help, furthering education and research that will allow us to prevent illness to live in healthier environments and communities.”

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