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School & Program Updates

Florida International: Hosts First Community Day, Comes Together for Greater Good

More than 60 students, alumni, faculty and staff gathered recently for the first Florida International Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work community day. Held at Camillus House, the event was an opportunity to give back to the community.

Camillus House, a partner of the college, is a nonprofit agency that provides humanitarian services to poor and homeless people in Miami.

“One thing that unites us all is our desire to help individuals and communities live healthier, better and safer lives,” says Dr. Tomás R. Guilarte, dean of Stempel College. “By joining our respective disciplines under one college, we have created an opportunity that can truly impact the community and community day is a perfect way to highlight the good that we can each do when we work together.”

Each area of the college – public health, social work, dietetics and nutrition and disaster management – participated.  All activities were discussed and prioritized by Camillus House as areas of great need.

The half-day event highlighted Stempel College’s desire to make a positive impact on the local community and beyond. The event raised a $1,000 for student scholarships and gathered numerous items for donation to Camillus House, such as 100 emergency kits, 100 water bottles and 100 washcloths.

“The first Stempel College community day was a shining example of the college’s motto, as everyone truly came together for the greater good,” Dr. Guilarte says.

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