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Member Research & Reports

Georgia Southern Examines the Effectiveness of a Physical Activity Educational Campaign

Research links gestational obesity to adverse effects on offspring, including prematurity and subsequent childhood obesity. Even though physical activity (PA) is highly recommended prior to and throughout pregnancy by organizations such as the ACOG, women often receive little information from health care providers regarding the amount of PA required for continued health benefits. This study investigated the effectiveness of a health education campaign to increase PA knowledge, intention, and behavior among prenatal women and women of reproductive age in a rural healthcare setting located in the Southeastern United States with positive results.

[Photo: Dr. Helen Bland]

The study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of an early intervention health education campaign to positively influence PA knowledge, intention, and performance among prenatal women and women of reproductive age. In conclusion, physical activity educational campaigns are a cost effective intervention that can be implemented in healthcare settings to promote maternal and child health.

The Effectiveness of a Physical Activity Educational Campaign in a Rural Obstetrics and Gynecology Office,” was featured in Maternal Child Health Journal on June 25, 2016.

Dr. Bridget Melton, department of health and kinesiology at Georgia Southern University was the lead author and Dr. Helen Bland, professor of community health behavior education at the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health Georgia Southern University was one of the co-authors.