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Student & Alumni Achievements

Georgia State Grad Finds More Diseases, Causes of Early Death Tied to Smoking

Georgia State University alumnus Mr. Brian D. Carter was the lead author of “Smoking and Mortality – Beyond Established Causes,” published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study found that smoking is a much greater contributor to illness and early death than already understood, especially for lower-income people and those who have less education.

The study found that about 17 percent of the excess mortality among smokers could be tied to health problems not previously shown to be associated with smoking, including kidney failure, breast cancer, prostate cancer, infections, respiratory diseases, and sudden blood loss to the intestines (intestinal ischemia).

The article was highlighted in an editorial in the New York Times and other global media.

Mr. Carter, who earned his MPH at the School of Public Health at Georgia State, is an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society.

To read the article in the New England Journal of Medicine, go to: