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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Georgia State: Student Named Recipient of the 2019 Jim Alley Scholarship Fund

A Georgia State University School of Public Health student has been named a recipient of 2019 Jim Alley Scholarship Fund through the Georgia Public Health Association (GPHA).

Ms. Vanessa Charisse Morman, student at Georgia State University School of Public Health, was named a student scholarship recipient of funds which help subsidize the costs to attend the 90th Annual Georgia Public Health Association Conference in Atlanta this May 7-9.  Ms. Morman was the only student recipient from Georgia State University.

The establishment of the Jim Alley scholarship fund is to honor Dr. James W. Alley who served as director of the Division of Public Health of the State of Georgia for 17 years. During his tenure, he focused public health’s attention for the first time on chronic diseases and later initiated analysis and interventions on infant mortality and how social factors play a role in morbidity and mortality. As a medical missionary to Bolivia, Dr. Alley helped establish a local Board of Health in the city of Montero to attempt to remediate some of the health issues of the indigent and medically needy. He continued to visit and work in this eastern area of Bolivia for over a decade and left the region with the most respected medical service in Bolivia.

Dr. Alley served a term as president of GPHA. As a staunch supporter of GPHA, he recognized the value of health workers having an organization that could systematically encourage networking and continuing education.

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