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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Georgia State Wins Kudos for Promoting Bike Plan for Downtown Atlanta

Georgia State University’s Sustainability Office and Bike Committee, including leadership from the University’s School of Public Health, received a Blinkie Award from the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition for work to promote cycling and healthy lifestyles in metro Atlanta.

[Photo: Mr. John Steward]

The university launched an ambitious bike planning process last year, with support from the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Led by Mr. John Steward, program manager for the Partnership for Urban Health Research at the School of Public Health, the university conducted a campus wide survey of attitudes around cycling, designed to identify needed improvements and key factors involved in making cycling a viable option for community members. The School of Public Health also organized a first of its kind university bike summit for Atlanta.

To learn more about Georgia State University’s Partnership for Urban Health Research, go to: