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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Iowa faculty Receives State Board of Regents Award

 Dr. Peter Thorne, professor and head of the department of occupational and environmental health in the University of Iowa College of Public Health, has been named a recipient of the 2018 Iowa Board of Regents Award for Faculty Excellence.

Dr. Thorne also directs the Environmental Health Sciences Research Center and is associate director of the interdisciplinary Human Toxicology program at the University of Iowa, a model program for student training and research engagement that he helped establish. An internationally known scholar in the fields of environmental hazards, pulmonary toxicology, and human health risk assessment, Dr. Thorne serves on the Board of Environmental Studies and Toxicology for the National Academy of Sciences, and recently served as chair of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board. He has collaborated with many communities concerned about environmental exposures to dangerous chemicals, to evaluate the hazards they face and their associated health impacts. He is an active and sought-after teacher and mentor for students and for junior faculty, helping build careers that shape scientific innovation.