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School & Program Updates

Iowa: Grants to Youth Groups Promote Agricultural Safety and Health

The University of Iowa has awarded grants to ten agricultural youth groups around Iowa to help fund initiatives that educate people and their communities about farm safety and health.

The grants, from Iowa’s Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (I-CASH) in the College of Public Health, are for $500 each.

According to Dr. Brandi Janssen, clinical assistant professor of occupational and environmental health and I-CASH director, the goal of these grants is to encourage young people in rural areas to take on projects that encourage them to think through farm safety issues.

“Many of them live on farms, or have extended family who farm so we want to empower them to learn more about best practices and develop safe strategies that they can apply on their farms, and share with their peers and in their rural neighborhoods,” Dr. Janssen says.

By supporting these youth programs, I-CASH hopes to build awareness of health and safety related issues in this group of future farmers and agricultural workers. “We know a generational shift is coming in agriculture, with the average age of farmers now nearing 60,” Dr. Janssen says. “We hope these grants can help instill a culture of safety in our next farming generation so that future farms are safer than today’s farms.”

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