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Iowa: Researchers Warn of Extreme Heat in 2019 Iowa Climate Statement

Just weeks after July 2019 became the hottest month in 140 years of record keeping, science faculty and researchers from Iowa colleges and universities have endorsed the ninth annual Iowa Climate Statement 2019: Dangerous Heat Events to Become More Frequent and Severe. 

The statement warns of sobering extreme heat projections for the region. Based on the most up‐to‐date scientific sources, the statement makes clear the urgency of preparing for dangerously hot summers in coming decades.

“Heat is the leading cause of weather‐related deaths in the U.S,” said Dr. Peter Thorne, professor and head of the department of occupational and environmental health at the University of Iowa College of Public Health. “Iowans that work outside will need to take special precautions.”

Highlights from the statement:

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