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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Iowa’s Healthier Workforce Center for Excellence Produces Nutrition Training Video

Researchers at The University of Iowa’s Healthier Workforce Center for Excellence (HWCE) have produced a new installment in a series of in-depth training videos focused on Total Worker Health®.

[Photo: Dr. Linda Snetselaar]

“Nutrition in the Workplace” features nutrition experts and employers discussing good food choices as well as programs, policies, practices, strategies, and interventions to promote healthy eating among employees.

According to Dr. Linda Snetselaar, professor of epidemiology and director of the UI’s Nutrition Center, nutrition is an often overlooked aspect of worker health that can also have a big impact on job performance.

“Employees who eat a healthy well-balanced diet tend to be more productive, more attentive, and safer at work,” Dr. Snetselaar says. “The bottom line is that both the employee and the company benefit when a workplace offers healthy food options and emphasizes good nutrition and wellness.”

Other videos in the “In-Depth” series feature segments about ergonomics, transportation safety, and managing stress, along with tips and best practices from experts, employers, and business leaders around the Midwest.

HWCE has also produced a series of Total Worker Health® Essentials videos; eight short segments where business and  industry leaders share their experiences with designing, implementing and evaluating Total Worker Health® programs, practices and policies. The series is designed to help small businesses utilize innovative techniques to incorporate programs, practices, and policies that can be tailored to their workplace.

To view the videos, visit the Healthier Workforce Center for Excellence website.