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IUPUI: Researcher Co-edits Special Issue on Health Disparities

Dr. Gerardo Maupome, associate dean of research at the Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health – Indianapolis (IUPUI), is a co-editor of “Oral Health and Dental Care Access Disparities: The Contexts of Immigrant Health and Minority Health,” a special issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The special issue abstract reads as follows: “The substantial movement of people across borders currently makes up the diverse mosaic of migration. Embodying many minority health phenomena, the health of immigrants is often affected by changing social and cultural norms, differential access to clinical care, and the coexistence of new and preexisting health conditions. Oral health and dental care access disparities constitute prime examples of the challenges that new and recent immigrants face in the long process of adapting to new environments: physical, dietary, health systems, and many more aspects.

“An emerging body of research continues to characterize the features of such a complex landscape, but the rapid pace of change requires an up-to-date, sophisticated examination of the underlying factors. Such a knowledge base will inform strategies to ameliorate risk factors; improve culturally appropriate access to care and prevention; alleviate acute and long-term complications of poor oral health; and supply objective data to support social and health policies addressing disparities in the contexts of immigrant health and minority health.”

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