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School & Program Updates

Johns Hopkins: CCP Collaborating on ‘Nutri Champs’ TV Show Competition To Improve Nutrition Across Bangladesh

The Center for Communication Programs (CCP) is collaborating on a cooking competition television show designed to encourage healthy eating in Bangladesh. “Nutri Champs” is a collaboration between the CCP-led Ujjiban project, funded by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), as well as USAID’s Feed the Future project and World Fish, a non-governmental organization.

In total, there will be six Nutri Champ competitions, styled along the lines of many U.S. cooking competitions, that will be turned into a six-episode television program to air later this year on Bangladesh’s national RTV network. Just like on televised American cooking competitions, the teams are each given a box of special ingredients to use. Working in fully-equipped mini-kitchens with access to a fully stocked pantry, contestants raced around to whip up the tastiest meals they could as the clock ran down.

The winner of the first of six competitions, held in May, was a team from Dhaka’s Southeast University, which won over the judges with fish curry, mint rice and a side of mixed vegetables with mung beans, besting teams from nine other universities.

The CCP-led Ujjiban is designed to address nutrition issues facing Bangladeshis, including stunted growth resulting from malnutrition. Feed the Future, meanwhile, has been working to convince Bangladeshis to eat more nutritious rice and to try new foods that will be highlighted in the cooking contests.

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