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Faculty & Staff Honors

Johns Hopkins: Faculty Presents UN Interagency Coordination Group Report on Antimicrobial Resistance to UN Secretary General

Dr. Anthony So, professor of the practice at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, was part of a delegation that presented a report from the UN Interagency Coordination Group (IACG) on Antimicrobial Resistance to UN Secretary General António Guterres on April 29.

The report calls for immediate action on antimicrobial resistance. Without it, the IACG notes, drug-resistant illnesses could result in 10 million deaths annually by 2050 and force a further 24 million people into extreme poverty by 2030. Dr. So, who is a co-convener of the IACG, contributed to shaping the recommendations in the report. The report highlights the need for urgent global action across the human, animal, plant and environmental health sectors.

In sharing the report’s findings, Dr. So stressed that governments must urgently act on the IACG’s recommendations if we hope to have a future free from the fear of untreatable infections. He cautioned that we can pay now to address antimicrobial resistance — or pay a far greater price later.

The IACG was established at the request of world leaders following the September 2016 Political Declaration of the High-level Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance. Its mandate is to provide practical guidance to address antimicrobial resistance and to report back to the UN Secretary-General. The IACG Secretariat is hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), with contributions from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN  and the World Organization for Animal Health.