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Johns Hopkins: Majority of Americans, Including Gun Owners, Support a Variety of Gun Policies

A new national public opinion survey conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds widespread agreement among gun owners, non-gun owners, and across political party affiliations for many U.S. gun violence prevention policies.

The survey, fielded in January 2019, measured support for over two dozen gun-related policies and found high levels of support for most measures, including purchaser licensing (77 percent), universal background checks of handgun purchasers (88 percent), and two key elements of extreme risk protection policies, also known as “red flag” laws:

The study, published online September 9 in the journal Health Affairs, is part of Health Affairs’ October issue focused on violence.

Dr. Colleen Barry, the Fred and Julie Soper Professor and Chair of the Bloomberg School’s department of health policy and management, is the paper’s lead author.

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