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School & Program Updates

Johns Hopkins: ROTA Council, Hosted by Bloomberg School’s International Vaccine Access Center, Launches Series on Rotavirus Disease and Immunization

The ROTA Council, which is hosted by the International Vaccine Access Center at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, has launched a 7-brief series covering the global status of vaccine introduction and the latest evidence on disease burden and vaccine impact.

The series is tailored to support immunization policy, focusing on key topics most critical for decision-making about introducing vaccines and ensuring maximum impact.

The ROTA Council, launched in 2011, includes 23 independent technical leaders from over 15 countries. Chaired by Dr. Mathu Santosham, professor in the Bloomberg School’s department of international health, the Council accelerates the introduction of rotavirus vaccines through the use of evidence and strategic communications targeting policymakers and other key decision makers.

The series includes six rotavirus-focused briefs covering epidemiology and disease burden, available vaccine products, the impact of vaccination, economic costs of rotavirus disease and the value of vaccines, vaccine safety, and introduction and coverage status. The Council’s series also includes a supplemental brief on the broad impact of early childhood diarrhea.

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