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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Honors the Bloomberg American Health Initiative on Public Health Thank You Day

At the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, Research!America and leading public health organizations, we would like to thank the health professionals and students who work every day to protect the well-being of all people and communities across the U.S. and the globe.

For Public Health Thank You Day this year, I would like to recognize a particular program here at the School, the Bloomberg American Health Initiative. Launched in 2016, the Initiative works to apply public health tools and strategies to five critical challenges facing American communities and the nation—addiction and overdose, environmental challenges, risks to adolescent health, violence, and obesity and the food system.

Central to the Initiative and its work are the Bloomberg Fellows—students who receive a full scholarship to earn an MPH or DrPH degree. Our Fellows come from a cross-section of organizations from around the country, both public and private, that support the Fellows’ applications and subsequent studies. Upon completion of the program, the graduates commit to work for their organizations for at least one more year, so they can use their new public health skills and valuable work expertise to benefit their sponsoring organizations and help improve the communities they serve.

We are very grateful for these students and their collaborating organizations and thank them for the important and wide-ranging work that they do in these five critical areas. This year’s cohort of 29 Bloomberg Fellows includes a student who, in her role at a regional Department of Justice program, has been tracking public health heroin responses across 22 states. Another Fellow this year worked at a county health department supervising a range of programs, from rabies prevention to outdoor air quality. We also have a student serving at a community health center who works to provide high quality and affordable health care to underserved communities with a special focus on Asian Americans.

This year’s cohort includes a Fellow whose work focuses on preventing domestic violence, sexual assault and teen dating violence in school and community settings, as well as a student within a university’s division of public health who works with community partners on various projects to address the issue of food deserts as a geographer. This wide array of commitment and dedication from our Bloomberg Fellows deserve a “public health thank you,” this year.

And, later this month, for the first time, Bloomberg Fellows and their collaborating organizations will have a chance to gather as a group at the inaugural Bloomberg American Health Summit, taking place Nov. 29-30 in Washington, D.C. At the two-day Summit the Bloomberg Fellows and their organizations will join innovators from across the country who are creatively working to tackle some of the nation’s most pressing public health challenges. (The event will be livestreamed here:

Each Bloomberg Fellow, with the support of their collaborating organization, is working on the front lines of public health in their community and addressing the health challenges that are gripping our nation. For that, we are exceedingly proud and thankful.

With gratitude and appreciation,
Dr. Ellen J. MacKenzie
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health