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Member Research & Reports

Kentucky Researcher Studies Impact of Circumcision on Condom Use and STI Transmission

Dr. Richard A. Crosby, Good Samaritan Endowed Professor in the department of health behavior & society, University of Kentucky College of Public Health, published “Circumcision Status is Not Associated with Condom Use and Prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Young Black MSM” in the November issue of the journal AIDS and Behavior.

[Photo: Dr. Richard A. Crosby]

The study investigated whether intact young Black MSM (men who have sex with men) differed from their circumcised counterparts regarding condom use behaviors and perceptions and HIV/Chlamydia/gonorrhea.

Young Black MSM completed a self-interview, including a pictorial item assessing circumcision status and measures of condom use. Twenty-seven percent of 388 participants reported not being circumcised. With one exception, no associations tested approached significance.

The mean frequency of unprotected insertive anal sex for circumcised men was about twice as high compared to those intact. Intact young Black MSM did not differ from circumcised men relative to prevalence of STIs (including HIV) or condom use behaviors as reported only by insertive partners.