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Member Research & Reports

Kentucky Researchers Study Partnerships between Hospitals and Public Health

Dr. Lawrence D. Prybil, Norton Endowed Professor in Healthcare Leadership in the University of Kentucky College of Public Health, Dr. F. Douglas Scutchfield, Bosomworth Professor of Health Services Research and Policy in the College of Public Health, and Ms. Rachel E. Dixon, an undergraduate student at the University of Kentucky, have published the paper “The Evolution of Public Health-Hospital Collaboration” in the current issue of the Public Health Reports.

Lawrence Prybil F. Douglas Scutchfield
[Dr. Lawrence D. Prybil and Dr. F. Douglas Scutchfield]

In the paper they share perspective on the history of collaboration between the public health and hospital sectors, as well as reviewing new patterns that are emerging and the prospects for these patterns to grow and develop in the coming years.

Dr. Prybil and co-authors review the history of the often-fractious relationship between public health and clinical practitioners, beginning with diverging views in the early- to mid-twentieth century on their respective roles in the delivery of medical care services. The authors present options for collaboration, and conclude that “[at] the local and state levels…public health leaders have great opportunities to play a critical role in stimulating and guiding…evaluation efforts and ensuring…findings are shared widely and employed carefully in shaping the future development of multi-sector collaboration focused on improving the health of communities throughout our country.”