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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Loma Linda Faculty Member Appointed VP-Elect for the Society of Toxicology

Dr. Robin D. Smith, assistant professor of environmental health and a member of the Center for Community Resilience in the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, has been elected to the position of vice president-elect for the Society of Toxicology (SOT), Occupational and Public Health Specialty Section (OPHSS). He is also an assistant professor in preventive medicine in the Loma Linda School of Medicine.  Dr. Smith has been a member of the SOT since 1986 and has previously served as an officer in the Risk Assessment Specialty Section and is currently a member of this Specialty Section as well. The official announcement of his position was made at the 2015 SOT Annual Meeting held in San Diego, CA March 22-26.

[Photo: Dr. Robin D. Smith]

“It is a great honor to have been elected to this position by my peers and to further the goals of the OPHSS in the SOT as well as to all outside partners concerned with improving public and occupational health.” Said Dr. Smith,“I look forward, as well, to enhancing student engagement in the study and practice of toxicology as it is fundamental advancing these goals.”

Election into the VP-elect position is a four-year appointment (Year one – VP-elect; Year two – VP; Year three – president; Year four – outgoing president/councilor). The duties for all four years include assisting the executive committee in organizing the events related to the annual meeting and the specialty section reception, as well as other specialty section activities including organization of webinars, meetings, and educational activities related to occupational and public health.

The VP-elect is responsible for organizing and chairing the student and post-doc awards for best abstract and best manuscript. The following year, as vice president, duties include organizing and chairing the program committee for session proposals for the SOT Annual Conference. As president, Dr. Smith will be responsible for presiding at all meetings and automatically acts as an ex-officio member of the committees established by members of the executive committee. The president also chairs the committee for specialty section officer elections. Finally, as outgoing president, the primary duties are to provide guidance and advise the executive committee members in specialty section committees and activities.

Dr. Smith’s appointment begins May 1.