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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Maryland Professor Selected for Maryland Industrial Partnership Award

Dr. Mei-Ling Ting Lee, professor in the epidemiology and biostatistics department at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, received a Maryland Industrial Partnership Award (MIPS) to develop a health risk model with Annapolis-based Synaptic Advisory Partners.

Dr. Lee, who has a background in biostatistics and analyzing patient record data, will help develop a model to predict the likelihood of future diagnoses and key medical events for a patient based on that patient’s full demographic profile and medical history. Through this model, care managers will be better equipped to assess potential patient outcomes based on treatment choices and to communicate those outcomes to the patient.

For example, by drawing upon a wealth of background information, the model will be designed to better predict the chance of a patient having a heart attack within a certain time period depending on compliance with medical interventions.

“The MIPS award will create a positive impact by personalizing the care and communications patients receive from their health care providers, which is likely to improve patient compliance,” Dr. Lee said.

The MIPS program is designed to speed the commercialization of technology in Maryland by jointly funding collaborative projects between companies and faculty within the University of Maryland System. The MIPS program provides funding, matched by participating companies, for university-based research projects that lead to new technologies.

Dr. Lee, who heads the Biostatistics and Risk Assessment Center (BRAC) at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, will direct the research team for this project, which will include researchers and graduate students from the Center.

“The MIPS program enables University researchers to bring their knowledge and experience to technical challenges. By speeding research and development of this health care model, both patients and the health care industry within Maryland will benefit,” Dr. Lee said.