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Member Research & Reports

Maryland: Research Will Test Interventions to Prevent Transmission of Child Abuse

A new research project at the University of Maryland School of Public Health will tackle child abuse and neglect through preventative programs that target families most at risk: those with young parents who experienced child abuse or neglect themselves.

Dr. Elizabeth Aparicio, assistant professor in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health, received a grant from the university’s New Directions Fund to support the development of interventions that reduce the transmission of abuse across generations.

Dr. Aparicio’s team will develop a theory for how young mothers who were mistreated themselves access and receive parenting and mental health support, establish partnerships with community sites in Maryland and Washington, DC, assess those communities’ interest in participating in clinical trials and develop strategies for engaging and retaining participants. The project will lay the foundation for future research focused on the effectiveness of interventions that provide young, abused parents with parenting and mental health support.

While Dr. Aparicio’s previous research has focused on understanding this population more generally, this project will pivot toward testing innovative interventions. The university’s New Directions Fund supports faculty members pursuing new lines of research.

The $47,000 award is part of the university’s Catalyst research program, which funds innovative faculty research and incentivizes the pursuit of large, complex and high-impact research initiatives.