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Michigan: New Digital Tool Tailors Mental Health Information, Support for Students Taking National Survey

A national survey across hundreds of college campuses helps paint a picture of student mental health that can guide campus support programming. And now the researchers behind the Healthy Minds Network want to immediately put resources into the hands of students who take that survey.

With technical expertise from the University of Michigan Office of Academic Innovation, the researchers have developed a digital tool called Sage that provides education and support to students. It allows those who take the Healthy Minds Survey to receive tailored resources based on individual needs and preferences indicated through their responses.

To date, some 300,000 students nationwide have taken the mental health survey. A trial of the tool was offered to University of Michigan students.

Dr. Daniel Eisenberg of the University of Michigan School of Public Health and the Institute of Social Research, and Dr. Sarah Ketchen Lipson, formerly of Michigan Public Health and now at the Boston University School of Public Health, say they wanted students to be aware of the support available for their daily lives, rather than only seek services when they are in a tough situation or crisis.

They also hope to help make sense of a growing list of mobile resources, as more attention is given to the topic of mental health. The team has previously conducted research showing college students are open to receiving such resources on mobile apps due to convenience, availability and confidentiality.

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