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School & Program Updates

Michigan Professors Explain Clinton’s Health Care Proposal and the Public Option

As the spotlight shifts from the Republican to Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton’s plans for health care reform, including a proposed new “public option” for health insurance for some Americans, may draw greater attention from voters.

In a July 27 article published in “The Conversation,” professors Dr. Richard Hirth and Dr. John Ayanian from the University of Michigan SPH department of health management and policy, explain Clinton’s health care proposal and the public option. They write:

This option would offer a government-run health insurance plan that would be in direct competition with other options offered by private health insurers. It would be provided through the federal and state health insurance exchanges operating under the Affordable Care Act. The public option could be structured similarly to the Medicare program, the federally funded health insurance program for senior citizens and persons with certain disabilities.

As health care policy experts who have studied and analyzed insurance coverage for over 20 years, we explain the public option in greater detail.

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