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School & Program Updates

Michigan Project “Genes for Good” Receives GET Award

The GET (genes, environment, traits) conference is an annual forum where the latest research in human biology is explored, shared, and debated. At the event, awards are given to honor excellence in the field. This year, the Sharing Award was presented to “Genes for Good,” a research study conducted at the University of Michigan SPH.

Goncalo Abecasis
[Photo: Dr. Goncalo Abecasis]

A collaborative project led by SPH biostatistics professor Dr. Goncalo Abecasis, researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado Boulder are using technology to engage tens of thousands of people in genetic research through health-related questions and surveys submitted via the Genes for Good Facebook App. Participants engage in the study through the APP, answer health-related questions, and view summaries of selected survey questions.

With such a high volume of data, the project hopes to make real progress in the world-wide effort to understand the human genome and its influence on health and disease risks, and how it interplays with environmental factors.

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