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Michigan: Study Indicates No-Deal Brexit Will Have Serious Negative Health Effects

A no-deal Brexit would make it harder for the UK to recruit health workers into their system, will jeopardize continuing care for British citizens with pre-existing conditions living outside the UK, and could even lead to an increase in cardiovascular disease-related deaths, say researchers from the University of Michigan and Oxford University.

“Under all of the scenarios we examined, Brexit has significant, negative consequences for Britain’s health,” said Dr. Holly Jarman, assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. “Remaining in the EU is still the best option in terms of health outcomes.”

But of all four Brexit scenarios the researchers examined, a no-deal Brexit would have the greatest negative impact on health, Dr. Jarman said.

“We predict that the political and economic disruption from a no-deal Brexit would be detrimental to the UK National Health Service and the health of people who depend on the NHS for care and support,” she said.

The four scenarios the researchers looked at include:

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