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School & Program Updates

Michigan: University Launches Firearm Injury Prevention Research Initiative

The University of Michigan recently launched an initiative that encourages and coordinates research across disciplines to develop new knowledge and data on firearm violence, a public health problem that causes about 100 deaths per day across the United States.

A new website will serve as a central hub for the University of Michigan’s effort to generate new knowledge and advance solutions toward reducing firearm injuries.

“The United States is unquestionably facing a public health crisis as it relates to firearm violence,” said President Mark Schlissel, who announced the initiative last October. “The University of Michigan has the excellence and commitment to our public mission to find solutions that address this crisis.”

U-M researchers in fields such as public health, medicine, social sciences, engineering, public policy and the arts will work together on critical questions about firearm injury prevention, while respecting the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.

The new site features firearm injury prevention research findings from U-M faculty, as well as key university centers that address gun violence. The site also lists a faculty steering committee working to identify ways to best catalyze firearm injury prevention research and scholarship.

In addition, the university is appointing an external stakeholder committee to ensure a diversity of perspectives beyond academia, including national representation from gun owners, faith-based and K-12 leadership, law enforcement, rural and urban community groups, firearm violence survivors and families. This type of collaborative approach is essential, as firearm-related injuries resulted in nearly 40,000 deaths across the U.S. in 2017.

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