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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

Minnesota: “Health in All Matters” Podcast Launched

Health In All Matters is a weekly podcast produced by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health to bring more understanding of public health challenges across the globe and close to home. We include expert voices from our faculty and their colleagues around the world. Our premier series focuses on COVID-19 and the many issues it brings into question, such as transmission and prevention, life in a pandemic, loneliness and mental health, and the medical supply chain.

Episode 1: Avoiding Overload
March 20, 2020

In November 2019, a new variation of a familiar virus spilled over from an animal to a person in Hubei Province, China. No one had immunity to the severe respiratory syndrome the virus caused — an illness now called COVID-19. In this first episode, we explore what’s happening to people and populations as COVID-19 goes global and what important steps we can take right now to manage this crisis.

Episode 2: Settling in for the Long Haul
Release date: March 27, 2020

Listen and learn more.

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