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Member Research & Reports

Minnesota: Improving Accuracy and Trust in Health Journalism

University of Minnesota School of Public Health adjunct professor Mr. Gary Schwitzer co-authored an editorial offering insights into the origins of mistrust and misinformation in health journalism, and steps for improving the accuracy and quality of it.

The editorial was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

“Anybody in health care and journalism should be aware of the intersection between medicine and the media and how public trust is at risk,” said Mr. Schwitzer. “If we lose trust in both health care and journalism, we’re left with no reliable way to help the public make informed medical decisions.”

To improve the accuracy and trustworthiness of medical journalism, the authors make recommendations including:

The authors conclude that taking these steps will increase collaboration among medicine and the media and make medical professionals and journalists better, more accurate producers of health information, and as a result, raise the public’s trust in both groups.

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