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Student & Alumni Achievements

Student & Alumni Achievements

Minnesota Students Chosen for Innovative ‘Hotspotter’ Training

Two University of Minnesota School of Public Health graduate students, Ms. Manami Bhattacharya and Ms. Berline Pierre-Louis, have been chosen to be part of one of 20 student groups in the nation to be trained in an innovative care coordination model called “hotspotting.”

Hotspotting is a process created by Dr. Jeffrey Brenner, executive director of Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, as a novel way to build relationships with patients who are “super users” of medical care. Super users are often admitted to the hospital or visit the emergency room several times a year. They also tend to have complex medical and social situations that require a significant amount of care coordination.

The Student Hotspotter Mini-Grant Project is an annual program that funds and trains interdisciplinary teams of professional students from schools around the country to learn to work with high-utilizing patients in their own communities. This collaborative learning program, co-hosted by the Association of American Medical Colleges and Primary Care Progress, provides education and support to teams as they connect with patients, learn about the root causes of high health care utilization, and share this learning with their institutions. Teams participate in monthly webinars and case conferencing, and receive mentoring and a curriculum learning guide.

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