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Faculty & Staff Honors

Nevada, Reno: Neuromechanics Laboratory Research Partnerships Expand

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Community Health Sciences Neuromechanics Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Nicholas Murray, was recently completed during the Spring 2019 semester. Located at the south portion of the Lombardi building, It is now fully equipped for full human motion analysis which includes a 12-camera motion capture system, a force platform, a 3-meter instrumented walkway and a binocular eye tracking system . This equipment is being actively used to evaluate sport-related concussion, muscular dystrophy and other human movement deficits in neurological populations. As a part of their service to the community, the Neuromechanics Laboratory provide concussion baseline and post-injury evaluation for WCSD High Schools, Carson High School, TMCC and UNR athletics. This unique partnership intends to bolster the ability to properly evaluate concussions and provide quantitative data about the injury to better inform health care decisions about diagnosis and recovery.

The Neuromechanics Laboratory is currently sponsored by the Neuroscience COBRE and the Mountain West Clinical and Translational Research Infrastructure Network and is partnering with prominent physicians, Dr. Arthur Islas, Dr. Mark Stovak, Dr. Carol Scott and Dr. Luis Palacio to enhance concussion care in Reno. Through these collaborations, it has led to recent publications which explore how prior concussion history is related to detectable changes in the postural control system prior to lower extremity injury incidence along with how during sport-like tasks, the eye movements among those with a concussion may be faster and more uncontrolled. These research lines continue to expand under Dr. Murray’s leadership while the lab welcomes new undergraduates researchers, PhD students, and a post-doctoral fellow.

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