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Partner News

New Urban Universities for HEALTH Metrics Toolkit

Urban Universities for HEALTH (Health Equity through Alignment, Leadership, and Transformation of the Health workforce) has developed an interactive, web-based toolkit to help universities measure efforts to build a diverse, culturally competent health and scientific workforce.

More than 60 million Americans live in areas without enough health care providers to meet demand – primarily in minority and low-income communities, where residents are less likely to be insured and suffer disproportionately from chronic disease. Lack of access to care and the resulting health disparities have had a devastating impact on our collective health, wellness, and life expectancy, and have cost our nation billions in unnecessary spending and lost productivity.

Universities are uniquely positioned to help address health inequities and can play a large role in their community by educating a workforce to meet local needs. This toolkit can help university leaders learn about all the options available by which they can influence the health and biomedical research workforce. The tool provides evidence-based workforce strategies, indicators, and measures that they can tailor and implement at their school. The toolkit can also be used beyond the health professions. In particular, measures around undergraduate recruitment and admissions, pipeline programs, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) student success, and faculty diversity may be useful for university leaders and organizations focused on broadening participation in the biomedical sciences and STEM.