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Nominations for New Members of ASPPH’s Finance and Audit Committee

Members of the ASPPH Finance and Audit Committee are seeking nominations to fill a vacant position on the committee.  In keeping with association best practices, the ASPPH Finance and Audit Committee includes one member who is not a Primary Representative of a member school or program and who has expertise in finance and accounting.   This position has been traditionally filled by an associate dean for finance.

The appointment will be for a three-year term. The time commitment includes participation in at least three conference calls per year and responsiveness to periodic email communications.

ASPPH Primary Representatives are asked to send nominations, including the resume/CV of the individual being nominated to by September 2, 2018.  It is expected nominated individuals will be aware of the nominations process and will be willing to serve if asked.

Please let ASPPH Secretary/Treasurer, Ms. Marjorie Aelion ( or Dr. Laura Magaña Valladares ( know if you have any questions.