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Northwestern: Improving the Physician Referral Process with Peer Evaluations

Though efficiency in healthcare has improved as a result of communication through electronic health records (EHRs) and hospital mergers that have increased the size of healthcare systems, professional relationships between physicians have suffered, according to a recent editorial from a Northwestern Medicine physician.

In a recent article published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Gregory Brisson, clinical assistant professor of medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, discussed how current barriers to interaction between physicians have negatively affected the patient referral process.

“In a fragmented health system, electronic records provide continuity. There is big difference, however, between reading the notes of a consultant, which are often full of pages of imported data that make it hard to find the essential information, and having a collaborative relationship with that consultant,” Dr. Brisson said.

Dr. Brisson argued that peer evaluations could be a potential solution, helping to strengthen connections and support among physicians that may ultimately improve workflow and patient care.

Dr. Brisson is also a member of the Institute for Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM) at Northwestern University.

Read a Q & A with Dr. Brisson.

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