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School & Program Updates

School & Program Updates

NYU: Novel Partnership with UNICEF and AUB: Creating Innovative Solutions to Address Global Epidemics

New York University College of Global Public Health (GPH) partnered with UNICEF and the American University of Beirut Faculty of Health Sciences, Center for Public Health Practice (AUB) to create innovative programs aimed at improving health outcomes in outbreak and humanitarian settings. This novel approach was designed by GPH during the Ebola outbreak in 2014, in partnership with UNICEF and Anthrologica, and in recognition of the need to change the way disease outbreaks are addressed.

Ten intermingled teams of GPH students, UNICEF professional staff, World Health Organization (WHO) personnel, and Government Ministry colleagues (from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Sudan and Guyana) were tasked by UNICEF with proposing interventions that address complex health challenges like Chikungunya in Sudan, Monkeypox in Nigeria, the Ebola Virus outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and broken health systems in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

Each team presented its intervention proposal to a panel of experts from UNICEF, Anthrologica, GPH, AUB, and the Beyond Association. The winning team developed a human-centered intervention, using app-based technology, designed to make it easier for the women in ISIS-liberated Iraq to access the healthcare system. While the Iraq proposal won the judges’ vote, all 10 of the proposed programs will be sent to their respective country offices in Syria, Yemen, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Guatemala, Pakistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, and Iraq for implementation – in part or in whole.

This challenging exercise offers students the opportunity to work with experts in the field and to gain hands-on experience in global public health. Many students will go on to intern with their new professional contacts and further their careers through applied practice.

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