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Member Research & Reports

NYU Researches Post-stroke Depression: An Impediment to Recovery

Ethnicity & Disease published an article, Race/ethnic Differences in Post-stroke Depression (PSD): Findings from the Stroke Warning Information and Faster Treatment (SWIFT) Study, by SWIFT study researchers, Dr. Emily Goldmann, Dr. Nina S. Parikh, Dr. Bernadette Boden-Albala, Dr. Aaron S. Lord as well as Mr. Eric T. Roberts. Dr. Goldmann and the SWIFT study team reported that functional social support among Hispanic participants is protective factor against Post-Stroke Depression in the early stages of post-stroke care.


“Although Hispanics had lower odds of full PSD in the early period following stroke, they appear to have ‘caught up’ to the other race/ethnic groups in terms of PSD at 12 months.” Patients return to their homes and social support wans or “may no longer be enough to prevent depressive symptoms in the longer term.”  The SWIFT team aims to prove that the impact of PSD on “post-stroke functioning and outcomes” is related to race/ethnic differences in rate of stroke recovery.