Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Ohio State Faculty Member Receives Grant from Ohio University Diabetes Institute to Examine Diabetes Resources in Appalachia

Dr. Andy Wapner, clinical assistant professor at Ohio State’s College of Public Health and Director at the Center for Public Health Practice (CPHP), received a $2,600 grant from Ohio University’s Diabetes Institute to examine resources related to diabetes in rural Appalachia.

[Photo: Dr. Andy Wapner]

As part of the grant, CPHP facilitated a one-day regional health improvement planning session hosted by the Ohio University Diabetes Institute. The purpose of the session was to identify common themes related to diabetes and create an inventory of resources currently addressing diabetes in northeastern rural Appalachia and to identify collective or shared actions being taken.

According to Dr. Wapner, the session facilitated small group discussions that allowed the Diabetes Institute to obtain critical information from key stakeholders to help identify priorities for future strategic planning.

“This project was the first time CPHP worked with OU’s Diabetes Institute,” Dr. Wapner said. “This work will inform future strategic planning and resource allocation for the Diabetes Institute.”