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Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Ohio State Faculty Receives Grant to Study Engage High School Students in Air Pollution Study

Dr. Ayaz Hyder, assistant professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences at the College of Public Health and affiliated faculty, Translational Data Analytics received an NSF grant along with colleague, Dr. Andrew May, assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering.  This grant will be used to engage high school students as citizen scientists to examine personal exposure to traffic related pollutants.


[Photo: Dr. Ayaz Hyder]

“The award means that we can start laying a foundation for environmental health research in Columbus, OH. Although we are focusing on Hilliard City Schools, we hope to leverage the collaboration, experience and data we gather to expand the low-cost air quality sensor to the rest of the Greater Columbus Area,” said Dr. Hyder.

During the study, students in the Hilliard City School district will fabricate and deploy a wi-fi enabled, low-cost air quality sensor network and use it to monitor air quality in the immediate area.  The information gathered will then be deployed via a cloud-computing system so that the public can have access to near real-time air quality data.  Additionally, the students will be responsible for developing outreach activities about local air quality for other students to engage in with their neighborhoods.

“This is important and relevant research because it explores a new way for the public to know more about the air they breathe where they live, work and play,” said Dr. Hyder. “With this data, they, the tax payers will be empowered to translate the air pollution data and data visualization tools, which we will be developing through this funding, into better choices and better policies in a range of areas, such as transporting planning, where to cite schools and the protection of vulnerable populations by identifying high-pollution areas. This is what the TDA@OSU initiative is all about, the translation of data through analytical approaches for a better and healthier society,” said Dr. Hyder.