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Oregon State: Oregon State: Arsenic Linked to Children’s Immune Function in Bangladesh

Research led by Dr. Barrett Welch, an alumnus of Oregon State’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences, was recently featured by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The following are excerpts from the article.

Prenatal exposure to arsenic may detrimentally impact early childhood immunologic development in Bangladesh, according to a recent NIEHS-funded study from the College of Public Health and Human Sciences. The findings, published in Environment International, also show that females and children with lower nutritional status are more likely at risk of arsenic-related effects.

Data for the study were collected from a prospective birth cohort led by Dr. Welch’s advisor, Molly Kile, Sc.D., at Oregon State and in close collaboration with colleagues at the Dhaka Community Hospital Trust (DCH) and Harvard University. Oregon State’s Perry Hystad, Adam Branscum, Ellen Smit and Sharia Ahmed also contributed to the study.

Dr. Welch and co-authors assessed the associations of arsenic concentrations measured in household drinking water with children’s immune functions at age 5, as indicated by antibody levels following diphtheria and tetanus vaccinations.

Dr. Welch is currently a fellow with the Perinatal and Early Life Epidemiology Group at NIEHS.

Read the article for additional findings.

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