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PHR Article of the Week: From the Schools and Programs of Public Health: Advising Undergraduate Public Health Students: A Phased Approach

In the latest issue of Public Health Reports, July/August 2015, Dr. Lauren Arnold, Ms. Elizabeth Embry, and Ms. Cassie Fox, from Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice, discuss the growth of undergraduate public health programs and the associated challenges of providing effective advising for these new majors.


UGPH students’ needs are distinct from those of master of public health (MPH) students: they seek broader perspectives of public health and have multiple curricular requirements outside their UGPH major. This difference in undergraduate and graduate student needs presents a challenge for undergraduates at schools and programs of public health, where advisors are experienced with more focused advising, needed for MPH students. The distinction between UGPH and MPH students, particularly related to professional growth and skills, can also be confusing for practitioners. In contrast, faculty/staff in stand-alone UGPH degrees (i.e., at institutions without MPH programs) have expertise addressing general undergraduate needs, but their public health experience may be limited.

This week’s PHR feature article, “From the Schools and Programs of Public Health: Advising Undergraduate Public Health Students: A Phased Approach”, may be viewed here.

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