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PHR News of the Week: From the Schools and Programs of Public Health

ASPPH is excited to announce some changes we are making to our longstanding department (sometimes referred to as a column), “From the Schools and Programs of Public Health.” For many years, PHR has been published through an official arrangement with the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH). As part of that arrangement, PHR has reserved space for articles on topics related to the academic side of public health, such as linkages between academia and public health practice. This department also has included a special category for student publications. Over the years, the ASPPH department has succeeded and provided a useful outlet for authors in schools and programs of public health who do research, teaching, or study.


Since its earliest years, submissions to the ASPPH department have gone through an editing process separate from submissions to the main journal and managed by ASPPH. In January, with the concurrence of ASPPH, PHR concluded that the ASPPH department should be integrated into the submission and editing procedures of the main journal. Most submissions to the main journal go to PHR’s Editorial Committee for an initial recommendation to the editor-in-chief about whether they should be accepted for peer review. Those that are accepted are re-evaluated by the Committee when they return from peer review. Beginning in January, submissions to the ASPPH department are now going through this same process.

In addition to revising editing procedures, PHR has streamlined the ASPPH category by collapsing its earlier subcategories, “On Academia,” “On Linkages,” and the Student Column, into one unified ASPPH category dedicated to the academic aspects of public health, to teaching, and pedagogical topics. Student submissions are more welcome than ever, but they are evaluated for publication in the same way as all other submissions to the ASPPH department.

These changes will streamline the ASPPH department and make submitting articles to it easier, simpler, and will provide faster responses for authors. Make no mistake — more than ever, we recognize and support the importance of our ASPPH department to the profession. Submissions to the streamlined ASPPH department will get quick attention from our Editorial Committee and, if accepted for peer review, as rapid a turnaround as we can muster. To help accomplish faster turnaround for all parts of the journal, we are now asking reviewers to return comments within 14 days instead of the previous 30 days.  We encourage you who work and study in public health schools to submit to our new department.

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