Faculty & Staff Honors

Faculty & Staff Honors

Pittsburgh Dean’s Nature Publication a “Classic”

Dr. Donald S. Burke, dean of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, was honored by Google Scholar in its recently released collection of highly-cited papers in their area of research that have stood the test of time.

[Photo: Dean Donald S. Burke]

These Classic Papers were published in 2006 and the list includes the 10 most-cited articles in their fields, proving that, though research is often about the latest findings, some have an impact long after their publication.

In the field of epidemiology, “Strategies for mitigating an influenza pandemic,” with Dr. Burke as the senior author, tops the list as the most cited, with 1,500 citations. The paper, published nearly 11 years ago in Nature, models an influenza outbreak and the effect of different interventions – such as travel restrictions and school closures – on stemming the spread of the virus.

Dr. Burke began the work at Johns Hopkins University before coming to Pitt Public Health, where a major focus of his time as dean has been improving the use of simulation and modeling to forecast epidemics and advise public health officials. The school is home to the Public Health Dynamics Laboratory, which is producing the next generation of analysis tools for the exploration of critical public health problems. One of the PHDL’s products, FRED Measles, helped to pass California’s powerful immunization policy.