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Proposed CEPH Criteria Revisions for Schools and Programs

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) released on March 22 its proposed revisions to its Accreditation Criteria for Schools of Public Health and Public Health Programs. Prior to reviewing the proposed revisions document, readers are advised to scan the Council’s intended scope and timeline for the current revision process as context. CEPH is asking for comments in writing to by June 30, 2021 using this form, noting that comments in letter or other formats will not be accepted. 

Additionally, the Council notes that it will not consider revisions to Criterion G1 (Diversity & Cultural Competence) at this time, given the limited scope and expedited timeline of the current criteria revision process. The Council has begun to discuss and evaluate important issues relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion and may opt to conduct a comment and revision process related to Criterion G1 (and related areas) prior to its next scheduled five-year review cycle for criteria. The intent is to ensure time for thoughtful conversation and consideration of these critical issues. 

A brief summary of the revisions is available on the CEPH website. Additionally, CEPH is hosting a webinar on Friday, April 9 from 2-3 pm ET. The webinar will provide an overview of the proposed revisions. While the webinar will not be a venue to submit comments, participants can ask questions to clarify their understanding of the proposed revisions. Register for the webinar by clicking here. 

No changes are currently proposed to the Accreditation Criteria for Standalone Baccalaureate Programs, which were amended in 2018.