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Public Health Reports: A Demographic Analysis of Racial/Ethnic Minority Enrollment Into HVTN Preventive Early Phase HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials Conducted in the United States, 2002-2016

In a recent article in Public Health Reports, Ms. Katherine Foy Huamani from the University of Washington, and Dr. Michele Andrasik, Ms. Barbara Metch, and Ms. Gail Broder from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center analyzed enrollment of communities containing people of color (POC) in HIV vaccine clinical trials from 2002-2016 and compared findings with that of a previous study, described trial participants’ demographic characteristics, and assessed how well these participants reflected racial/ethnic distribution of new HIV diagnoses in the US. Data on demographic characteristics was examined from 43 Phase 1 and Phase 2A preventive HIV vaccine clinical trials in the US and compared with the results of the previous study. Racial/ethnic distributions from 2011-2015 were also compared with CDC data on new HIV diagnoses during the same period. Of 3469 participants, 32.7 percent identified as POC and the percentage of annual enrollment for this group increased from 17 percent to 53 percent from mid-2002 to 2016. Results indicated that though the enrollment of POC into HIV vaccine clinical trials has increased, it is less than the proportional representation of new HIV diagnoses in the US among POC. The authors concluded that comparing the enrollment of POC in HIV vaccine clinical trials with national data can help improve recruitment of POC overall.

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